Streaming Music Services

MacDonald Audio is an authorized MIXHITS dealer, a streaming music service featuring 48 music formats including...

Classic Alt incorporates the greatest Alternative music from the 80’s and 90’s all into one place.  Alternative genres such as grunge, new wave, and punk are all present.  Some artists staples include: Green Day, U2, Weezer, Radiohead, and The Smiths.
Tempo:  Medium to High
Selection:  80’s - 90’s

Lite ‘n Easy features the greatest soft hits of all time.  Perfect for a calming business or restaurant setting. This timeless blend features the best of such vocal superstars as Celine Dion, James Taylor, Carpenters, and Air Supply
Tempo:  Slow to Medium
Selection:  60’s to Today

From the Mississippi Delta to Chicago, St. Louis, Texas and beyond, Blues celebrates the rich soulful history of one of America’s most influential formats.
Tempo:  Mixed
Selection:  50’s – Today

A specialized, eclectic mix of today’s best College, Indie, and Alternative Rock with crossover EDM and Urban Alternative rounds out this 20-something playlist that is sure to entertain any college town Bar &  Grill.
Tempo: Upbeat
Selection: 2010’s - Today

A regional Mexican mix of contemporary and classic music styles including: Mariachi, Ranchera, Tejano, Banda and Norteña.
Tempo: High
Selection: 90’s - Today

From Elvis to Doo Wop, celebrate the first 10 years of the “Rock n’ Roll” era. Soda Shop Jukebox features the greatest “golden oldies" from the 50’s and early 60’s
Tempo: High
Selection: 50’s – 60’s

Enjoy a night in the big city with this sleek, sophisticated and eclectic blend of contemporary and classic Pop, R&B,  Standards and Jazz.
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 70’s - Today

A unique eclectic mix of unfamiliar adult alternative with a splash of classic hits for that one of a kind retail environment. 
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 70’s – Today

Pop Hits is an upbeat blend of today’s hits and yesterday’s classics. Pop Hits, our most popular format, focuses on a family friendly blend of fun pop music.
Tempo: Medium / Upbeat
Selection: Late 80’s - Today

Classic Rock Hits is a blend of Pop & Classic Rock. The mix contains the greatest rock hits and one hit wonders from the most popular rock artists.
Tempo: Mixed
Selection: 60’s - 90’s

Pop country blends today’s country superstars with a mix of country from days gone by. This format is designed to create a fun, upbeat mix of country music.
Tempo: Mixed
Selection: Late 80’s – Today

A smooth blend of instrumental and vocal jazz. The Easy Jazz mix contains approximately two-thirds instrumental and one-third vocals
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 90’s - Today

The best of the 60’s and 70’s come to life on 8-Track. You’ll hear all of your favorite bands and one-hit wonders on this fun format. Take a trip down memory lane with 8-Track.
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 60’s - 70’s

All the hits and nothing but the hits. Power Hits plays the latest hits from the last 3 years. It is more repetitive than standard formats and contains suggestive lyrics that some listeners may find offensive.
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 2012 – Today

In Vogue is always in style as it effortlessly blends an affluent and cosmopolitan mix of today's Electronic, Trip Hop, Dance,
Acid Jazz and Urban genres.
Tempo:  Medium to High
Selection:   90's - Today

HIT IT! is a high energy blend of today’s hot hits and the best high energy hit music from the previous decades.
Tempo: Upbeat
Selection: Late 80’s - Today

Mix together today’s soft hits with a large selection of timeless classic and you get The Coast. A soft adult contemporary blend of easy to enjoy music.
Tempo: Mixed
Selection: Late 80’s - Today

Lite Classical features the world’s most popular and timeless Classical Composers
Tempo:  Slow
Selection:  Timeless

Generation X is like a totally 80’s mix. Flashback to a decade of big hair, parachute pants, Atari, and Rubix Cube. 
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 80’s

Pub Grub is the perfect bar rock music mix from the 80’s to today. It contains a blend of pop rock hits and a splash of today’s top pop to keep it fresh.
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 80’s - Today

‘Tis the season. Pop Holiday is a mix of traditional holiday music performed by the original artists and current pop artists. Create the perfect holiday atmosphere with a blend of holiday favorites.
Tempo: Mixed
Selection: 50’s - Today

Jazzy Holiday is an instrumental and vocal holiday music with a mix of smooth jazz and a _air of classic jazz holiday music to create a relaxed seasonal atmosphere.
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 70’s - Today

Sophisticool is an eclectic mix of yesterday and today's "sophisticated" melodies. The blend features standout artists from such genres as pop, urban, singer songwriter and adult alternative.
Tempo- Medium
Selection- 70's - Today

A family friendly blend of current and recent Christian Pop hits. This format features a blend of familiar artists.
Tempo- Medium
Selection- 90's - Today

A mellow relaxing vocal blend of seventies and eighties favorites spanning popular artists including Chicago, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, and Jim Croce.
Tempo: Slow
Selection: 70’s - 80’s

Featuring a fresh and modern take on the smooth side of Jazz and New Age.  This 100% instrumental experience, offers a rich blend of acoustic and brass sounds mixed with sophisticated synthesized selections.
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 80’s - Today

Enjoy a break with Java’s blend of acoustic versions of your favorite songs mixed with a mellow guitar focus blend of music.  Singer-songwriters include John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones and more.
Tempo:  Medium
Selection: 90’s - Today

An unforgettable, soulful journey through the greatest R&B music from the 60’s through the 80’s that features the best of Motown, The Philly sound, and features incomparable legends such as Aretha, James Brown, Al Green, and Earth, Wind & Fire.
Tempo: Medium
Selection: 60’s - 80’s

Hit the gym and “burn those calories to this consistent high energy, extremely uptempo mix of yesterday and today’s Pop, Dance, Remix (and occasional Rock) body movers and shakers.
Tempo: High Energy
Selection: 80’s - Today

An upbeat mix of fun summer songs that take you back to the beach.  A heavy mix of Beach Boys, Buffett, Reggae and other fun summer songs.
Tempo: Mixed
Selection:  50’s – Today

A relaxing mix of acoustic and electric piano, guitars, drums, flutes and synthesizers perfect for massage and spas.
Tempo: Slow
Selection:  90’s – Today

“Swing” into fun with Frank, Sammy, Dino, and friends.  This 100% vocal, lounge experience features a mid to uptempo blending of yesterday and today’s most legendary voices singing the standards.  Michael Buble, Bobby Darin, Rosemary Clooney, and Nat King Cole are just some of the crooners joining Ol’ Blue Eyes himself.
Tempo: Medium/Upbeat
Selection: 40’s - Today

Flashback to the best Hip Hop from the last 3 decades.  Content Warning: The nature of this program contains suggestive lyrics that may not be appropriate for some businesses.
Tempo:  Medium to High
Selection:  90’s - Today

Latin blends the biggest chart topping Spanish language Pop, Rock, Dance, and Love songs from the last 5 years. You’ll hear artists such as Prince Royce, Mana, Pitbull, and Enrique Iglesias
Tempo: Medium to High
Selection:  2011’s - Today

Teen Scene is an ultra- safe, family oriented Contemporary Pop format geared towards older children and teens.  Teen Scene blends current chart toppers with an offering of the most beloved music loved by young audiences from the last 10 years.
Tempo:  Medium to High
Selection: 2000’s - Today

A small collection of traditional Italian music designed to create a unique Italian restaurant dining experience.  Note:  This format is highly repetitive.
Tempo: Medium/Upbeat
Selection: 40’s – Today

The music is thoroughly researched, edited for family friendly audiences, and flows seamlessly from song to song without announcers.

Why should I pay for music?
In these days of smart phones and iPods, some have chosen to become their own music source and DJ. However, playing music from such sources at a commercial business is against the law, and makes your business subject to music rights fees from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. For most businesses, designating someone as DJ is problematic and gets old after a couple of weeks. Legal ramifications aside, most important is the experience people get when they are in your business or establishment. Most businesses strongly focus on the visual senses; but what about sound?

Is the music from the radio, smart phone, or iPod, congruent with your business?

  • Does it set the desired ambiance?
  • Does the music sometime stop without warning because the CD or other music source runs out?
  • Are customers generally content/satisfied with the music, or are complaints common?
  • Is there disagreement among staff concerning about what kind of music should be playing?

MIXHITS Benefits

  • A one-time solution for all of your music needs.
  • Many available music formats, spanning just about every style and genre imaginable.
  • With both Jazzy Holiday and Pop Holiday, the holiday music will always give you choices.
  • Change channels instantly; select from 25 different music channels.
  • Comprehensive tech support.
  • Control the mood and ambiance of your business environment with the perfect music mix.

MacDonald Audio provides expert installation services by a trained, licensed & insured technician.

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