MacDonald Audio will provide and maintain quality-built American-made messaging hardware, which will be connected to the on-hold input on your telephone system. We offer USB-load and Remote-load messaging hardware.

Hardware Installation
MacDonald Audio provides hardware installation services. Each installation is performed by a licensed, trained, and insured telephone technician.

Your Marketing Partner
MacDonald Audio will become a marketing partner & collaborator for your business. We contribute, refine, and help articulate your marketing and advertising messages.

6 Custom Written Messages
Each message is approximately 20 to 25 seconds in length, though some can be as short as 10 seconds. We customize the messages based on what the customer desires to accomplish.

24-Hour Guarantee
All written scripts are submitted in advance for approval. Once approved MacDonald Audio guarantees the new audio production will be recorded, produced, and loaded to the messaging hardware within 24-hours.

Music Licensing
MacDonald Audio offers thousands of legally-licensed, dynamic music segments in a wide array of musical styles. We post many of our most popular music segments on the Customer Support section of our website which allows customers to preview and choose the music they prefer.

Messaging Quality Checks
We call and listen to your messaging twice per year to ensure the correct messages are playing, the volume is appropriate, and the hardware is in good working condition.

Technical Support
Mac Donald Audio provides service and support via phone and e-mail. We offer comprehensive hardware support and--if need be--replacement. We also guarantee the audio connection from the messaging hardware to the telephone system.

Customer Support
MacDonald Audio offers immediate customer support Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm E.S.T. Being a service-driven company, we respond to phone calls and e-mails in a very timely manner. Our website also includes a friendly and resourceful Customer Support section.

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On-Hold-Messaging Benefits

There are many benefits of having customized on-hold-messaging on your telephone system.

  • Generate sales
  • Reduce caller hang-ups
  • Enhance company image
  • Improve customer relations
  • Pronounce mission statement
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Promote products, services, & web site

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I legally play a smart phone, local radio or iPod on hold?
No that is not legal. This would allow ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC to impose music licensing fees on your business. By US law, if your business uses music, you must therefore compensate the writers, producers, and license holders of that music.

Why do I need on-hold-messaging hardware?
All PBX phone systems require messaging hardware. Think of it as needing a CD player to push sound through to an amplifier. In this case the messaging hardware functions as the CD player and the phone system as the amplifier. VoIP systems do not require messaging hardware, however for customer flexibility we do recommend hardware for VoIP based phone systems.

I bought my phones at Radio Shack or Best Buy, do I still need hardware?
Yes. For two line hold systems or the kind of business telephone systems sold by big box stores, additional hardware is required to enable on-hold-messaging.

We have a VoIP based phone system, do I still need hardware?
Technically no, but for practical reasons yes. For quicker and easier loading of new audio productions, messaging hardware is still recommended for VoIP based telephone systems.

We'll just have one main message playing, right?
No. MacDonald Audio provides customers a minimum of six different and unique messages that rotate. Each message is around 20 to 25 seconds.

Will the messaging play on all lines of my phone system?

I have two companies, is there a way to provide different messages on different phone lines?
If you have VoIP based telephone system, yes.

Do I need to update my messaging every year?
If you want messaging that is most effective -- updating at least once per year is a must. A company that does not update over time sends a message of complacency and stagnation. Without updating the messaging becomes stale and dated. On-hold-messaging is an important element of your marketing and makes a first impression every time a call is placed on hold.

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On-Hold-Messaging Hardware

The right type of on-hold-messaging hardwarel to select is depends on how three factors. How many messaging updates or audio productions per year, the customer's technical comfort level, and the number of locations involved. The most effective and technologically advanced messaging hardware is Remote-load, followed by USB-load, and CD-load. Below is a brief description of each.

Remote-load: (no customer involvement)
Remote-load is the most advanced messaging hardware. Updates or new audio productions are sent over a phone line or by Ethernet connection. Mac Donald Audio can log on to the hardware, load a new audio production, adjust the volume, even troubleshoot the system, if need be. Remote-load is ideally suited for customers that change often and want the ability to change their messaging instantaneously. It is also recommended for customers with multiple locations. Remote-load provides speed and flexibility.

USB load: (modest customer involvement)
USB-load hardware is very popular. Because updates or new audio productions are sent via e-mail as an mp3 attachment, it provides quick turnaround time, but does require a little work from the customer. After receiving the e-mailed update, the customer must remove the USB drive from the messaging hardware, connect the drive to the USB port on their computer, drag and drop the audio file to the USB drive, then reinsert the USB drive back to the messaging hardware. The audio production will load automatically.

CD-load: (minor customer involvement)
CD-load hardware is also very popular, but since updates or audio productions are sent on CD via the U.S. Mail, it is the slower delivery method of the three. CD-load requires the customer to uninstall the old CD and install the new one -- a very simple task. CD-hardware is a good choice for customers that update once or twice per year, but are not concerned about having the immediacy that both Remote-load and USB-load messaging hardware offer.

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